My Three Shops at Zazzle

Welcome to my main Just kidding store. I'm a novelist but think in pictures. I Love innovative design, graphics, art & crafts. My Just kidding store is all about my past and present artworks. The name 'Just kidding' was a clothing label I owned in the early nineties.
Kima Global Gifts - store
An idea came to me one morning that I could use many of my book design covers and I format these for the Zazzle templates and at the same time promote the title of the book! I thought the authors would be my first customers! That has not happened so far….but they do like my efforts.
The Awakening - store
I write articles for Hubpages. Most of these posts are about the research I’ve done over the years for my visionary fiction novels. I love creating images for these articles, but they are more about very alternative topics, so I created a different shop for these designs and two weeks ago I started to prepare an online doodle workshop using Zazzle products. I can also add the article links to the designs for visitors just in case they are interested

Today I have combined the photos of my artwork, (drawings, oil paintings and leather craft ) book illustrations, digital graphics and the photographs of around Cape Town - South Africa to create aesthetically pleasing products for the global market.

The first banner has the link from my Shopping fan page on Facebook

The other Banner images are the design collections to do with our continent of Africa and my Art work from my past. Having collections will give the visitor an idea what designs to expect in each category, or what kind of products to find under each collection.
I hope that any visitor will find it easy to brows through my three shops at Zazzle.

Happy Shopping!


Zazzle goes international

This post is written for all my Global customers who would like to order from or through my Zazzle stores from their own country. Zazzle has been an international print-on-demand site for a while, but its the first time that I have looked what products are showing in each country. It’s different with each country, so that must depend on what the visitor is looking for or if it is in alphabetical order, due to the different languages.
What was the most amazing for me was to see my product design descriptions translated in Dutch. How cool is that? Since I’m originally from Holland, but have lived in South Africa for the last….many years, it was truly a global experience that my work is shown all over the world in the language of that country. The translations might not all be correct, but I can only know that when I view my Dutch shop pages. I will start with Holland, the land of my birth.

Holland – NL

England – UK

Germany – DE

Austria – AT

Belgium – BE

Australia – AU

New Zealand – CO NZ

Brazil – BR

Canada – CA

Portugal – PT

Spain – ES

France – FR

Sweden – SE

Japan – CO JP

Thanks for reading this entry with my shop links. This is a link that takes a visitor to my latest work published on Zazzle. This year I will create more personalized designs and try my hand on designing for weddings,and other important functions.






Most designs in this collection are derived from the photos taken in and around Cape Town of our nature, the people, our coastline and the rest of our beautiful country.

I have a love for Africa our mother continent. One day I would love to see my product designs in the shops at the Waterfront.

The beauty of flowers,succulents and all types of plants from around Cape Town and surroundings has inspired me to take photos and create designs with them

My Art galery

Many of my artworks ( oil – acrylic – leather) are now available due to the print-on-demand facilities. This is the collection banner where all the three Zazzle shop designs are featured.